Boat Cruises on The Tagus River

Lisbon And The Unforgettable Cruise On The Tagus River

Blue Cruises gives you an unusual sightseeing tour of Lisbon, with a privileged view of its magnificent Monuments and mythical Seven Hills, from its unique Tagus River.

This is an experience you won't want to miss in Lisbon!

In this unforgettable Tagus River Cruise, we have prepared for you a high-quality service, in boats with all the comfort and safety you need for your unique and unforgettable experience of Lisbon and its Tagus River.

This experience of Lisbon gains a new dimension in our magnificent boats "from Príncipe da Beira to Príncipe Perfeito, among others", symbolising the mysteriousness of the past and enhancing the most exclusive cruise on the Tagus River.

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Winter Cruises

Tágides Promenade - Winter

Cruise along the Tagus River between Alfama and Belém Tower with the best and most exclusive view of Lisbon, on a spacious ship with all the comfort. ...

Tágides Sunset - Winter

Watch the sunset on this cruise along Tagus between Alfama and Torre de Belém. Enjoy moments of unparalleled beauty that only the sunset over the Tagu...

Tágides Brunch - Winter

Sail on the Tagus River, between Alfama and the Belém Tower. Enjoy moments of unparalleled beauty with the possibility of tasting our brunch menu, in ...

Seasonal Cruises

Principe Perfeito

For one last trip along the Tagus River, Blue Cruises proposes a magical experience. Start the year of 2024 aboard our sailboat - Príncipe Perfeito, a...

Réveillon 2023/24

Blue Cruises invites you to a memorable experience aboard our Vessel, Principe do Tejo. Watch the magnificent Fireworks from Praça do Comérciotoasting...

New Year's Cruise - LVT

For one last trip down the Tagus river, Blue Cruises offers a magical experience. Step into 2024 on board our ship - Lisboa Vista do Tejo, followed by...

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